It’s Cohousing Auction Time!


The Mid-Atlantic Cohousing Bus Tour has been sold out for weeks, but there is one last opportunity to get a seat: check out the CohoUS auction!

The Cohousing Association of the US (CohoUS) is currently hosting an online auction until May 17, 2013, 11PM PST. Scan an intriguingly diverse lineup of national and local vacation trips & excursions, artwork & jewelry, professional consultations and coaching sessions, and — of course — overnight stays and tours of cohousing communities throughout the US, all from cohousers and cohousing communities across the US.

See what’s up for bid at Auction proceeds benefit CohoUS, a national, donor-based organization that advances cohousing by providing assistance to forming and existing cohousing communities.

newtcaofuslogo_sidebar_medFind a gift for family and friends, get something for yourself, or just make a donation and help CohoUS build a better society one neighborhood at a time.