Join the Think Green Khutbah Campaign! is asking Muslims to request that their imams, khateebs and leaders give a Think Green Khutbah on Friday, 20 April 2012, in commemoration of Earth Day (22 April) challenging their communities to live according to the 3 S Plan:

  • live a simple life
  • live a sustainable life
  • live as stewards of the environment

First: Email this link [ ] to your imam / khateeb / leader for all the resources they’ll need for their talk. Make it easy for them to talk green: Quran, hadith, books, online links, and sample environmental khutbahs.

Second: Go here for plenty of excellent reminders of how to revive the sunnah of living as stewards of the environment by living simply and sustainably.

Third: Get your masjid or organization to sign up to support the Think Green Khutbah Campaign and spread the word! We did!

And He gives you of all that you ask for. But if you count the favours of Allah, never will you be able to number them. (Quran, 14:34)

Get Your Coho Questions Answered at Eastern Village Cohousing

So, you kind of understand what cohousing is: a bunch of people get together intentionally to build and live in a community, share resources, and reap the sustainable benefits of living in a close-knit neighborhood. Still have questions?

Here is a great place to get those questions answered: Mid-Atlantic Cohousing is sponsoring an introduction to cohousing, Coho 101, at Eastern Village, an award-winning, green, urban cohousing community in the South Point neighborhood of Downtown Silver Spring.

There’s no better place to get more acquainted with cohousing than at a cohousing community with people who actually live in cohousing. The hosts, Jack Wilbern and Ann Zabaldo — both of Cohousing Collaborative and both cohousing residents — will be hosting this event.

Join Jack and Ann on Saturday, September 10, 3-5 pm at Eastern Village Cohousing located at 7981 Eastern Avenue, Silver Spring, MD. RSVP today to

If you’re really serious about making moves, after the presentation ask about Eastern Village’s units for sale. Check them out here.


We’ve joined Mid-Atlantic Cohousing!

Good Tree Village is now a member of Mid-Atlantic Cohousing (MAC), an organization of communities across the Mid-Atlantic states. Their members offer the expertise they have acquired in the course of planning, developing, and living in cohousing communities.

MAC is a regional resource for individuals seeking cohousing and for existing and developing cohousing communities located in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware and Pennsylvania (and sometimes North Carolina). They are organized for the expressed purpose of educating and informing the public at large and those folks actively engaged in cohousing about the benefits and challenges of forming, building and living in cohousing. Annually MAC schedules a bus tour of several cohousing communities in the Mid-Atlantic region to educate folks new to cohousing. MAC also provides training workshops on issues of concern to people already engaged in cohousing such as governance, mediation, workshare, facilitation, meeting management, facilities management, etc.

MAC produced a DVD-book combo titled Building Sustainable Communities for Today’s Housing Market to encourage developers, building professionals, and those in the financial industry to add cohousing to their housing mix. The DVD showcases three developers from Bethesda, MD; Boulder, CO; and Nevada City, CA; who explain in detail their experiences in bringing cohousing to market. The DVD covers financing, budgeting, marketing, sales, and the role green building plays in cohousing. Watch the trailer:

Cohousing Collaborative’s New Community Sandbox

Cohousing Collaborative LLCCohousing Collaborative has launched a new social media marketing platform. They have a
social media website,
they are on twitter (follow @cohousingworks),
facebook (!/cohousingworks),
AND they have the ubiquitous Blog,
all integrated and designed to identify prospective cohousers and give them a sandbox to play in. This will be an environment where cohousers — whether beginners or old hands — can talk to each other.

It’s your choice. Connect and share using any or all of the methods you can handle.