Be an Early Bird for the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Cohousing Annual Spring Bus Tour

Walking the pedestrian-friendly paths of a local cohousing community and conversing with the people who live there is, arguably, THE best way to get to know cohousing. One of the members of Good Tree Village went last year and it only stoked her desire to live in an intentional community.

Mid-Atlantic Cohousing’s Annual Spring Bus Tour is set to hit the road on Saturday, 18 May 2013 from 8:30AM – 6:30PM, visiting several cohousing communities throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. Whether you’re just checking out the cohousing concept, need to talk with someone about how to create a cohousing community, or you’re ready to move into an existing cohousing neighborhood, MAC’s bus tour will be expedition well worth your time. Register before April 7 to get early-bird pricing.

MAC Annual Spring Bus Tour 2013

What Can Mid-Atlantic Cohousing Do For You in 2013?

midAtlanticCohousingDid you know that Good Tree Village is a member of Mid-Atlantic Cohousing (MAC)? MAC is a non-profit “organized for the expressed purpose of educating and informing the public at large and those folks actively engaged in cohousing about the benefits and challenges of forming, building and living in cohousing.” One of the ways we are planning for success (inshaAllah / God Willing) is by learning from and working with others who have already been where we’d like to be: spending the rest of our lives in a community that eats together, works together, and shares together.

At the end of the meeting we brainstormed about what exciting programs, events and activities we could we could provide for folks in the DC Metro area next year. A cohousing film festival? Workshops on getting the community built? Programs on consensus decision-making and governance? What would you like to see from MAC in 2013?

Join Us for a Good Tree Village Community Presentation on Sunday, 7 October 2012

We are yearning for community. We dream of lives that are wholesome, satisfying, cooperative, full of warmth, kindness,and safety. We are thirsty for spontaneity and connectedness. We crave for a place where we can sink roots. We long to contribute and be truly interactive instead of passive spectators. We want to share our lives with those who share themselves, appreciate others and be appreciated.

We want to live in the company of family and good friends.

To facilitate this vision, Good Tree Village is using the cohousing model, an increasingly popular form of intentional community called the “old-school village for modern times”. It balances personal privacy with the benefits of community.

If this resonates with you, reach out to us by joining us on 7 October 2012 for a presentation about cohousing and creating Good Tree Village, the first faith-based cohousing community in the DC Metro area. Learn more about cohousing and how we can work together to help make this community vision a reality. Out of respect for everyone’s time, we’ll start and end on time. Call in at 712.432.3066, enter conference code 210557 on Sunday, 7 October 2012, 1130AM-1230PM.

Note: The conference call number is NOT a toll-free number. Long distance rates may apply. Most of us have call anywhere phone/mobile plans, however if this is a barrier for you, please contact us via email or phone (below).

While we’d much rather see you all face to face, we decided to try a conference call this time to allow those who are interested but can’t make the trip an opportunity to tune in, learn more about Good Tree Village, and ask questions in a group setting.

On Facebook? Let us know you’re coming on our Facebook event:

You can also give us a ring at 301.541.3223 or send off an email to GoodTreeVillage [at] gmail [dot] com.

Talk to you soon!