The vision of Good Tree Village Cohousing is a close-knit, diverse and vibrant cohousing community based in Islamic values, but open to all.

To bring our vision into reality and create a community where residents can exercise the fundamentals of Islam through consistent, meaningful interaction with other residents in daily life by facilitating the development of a cohousing community.

We will strive to remember Allah (God) and follow the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him).

We will use mutual consultation to make decisions where all the community works together, embodying the values of integrity, respect and compassion, and focusing our spiritual and economic resources to create Islamically-based solutions to our challenges.

We are joining together to model Islamic values and make a positive impact on how the greater society in which we live views, interacts with and learns about Islam and Muslims.

We will use the earth’s resources efficiently when building and maintaining the cohousing community architecture and land because we understand that the earth’s resources are gifts from Allah (God) and that He has charged us to be stewards of the earth.

Have you not considered how Allah presents an example, [making] a good word like a good tree, whose root is firmly fixed and its branches [high] in the sky?

It produces its fruit all the time, by permission of its Lord. And Allah presents examples for the people that perhaps they will be reminded.

The Holy Quran, Surah Ibrahim (14): 24-25

If our mission and vision resonates with you, become a member of Good Tree Village: complete the membership application and email it to goodtreevillage [at] gmail [dot] com or call us at 301.541.3223.

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