Have you seen our advertisement in the The Muslim Link?

Would you like to…
DESIGN a community that reflects your values.
SOCIALIZE and worship with your neighbors.
INTERACT across generational & cultural boundaries.
SHARE community meals & activities.


We’re seeking families and singles of all kinds to create the first Muslim cohousing community in the DC area. We’ve put an advertisement in The Muslim Link — a bi-weekly newspaper that is distributed throughout the Washington and Baltimore Metropolitan Areas — in an effort to reach out to those who are looking for cohousing, but don’t know (yet) that such an incredible concept exists or that others in the area are working on creating a Muslim cohousing community locally.

JOIN Good Tree Village!
Contact us to join or learn more.
Do you have a friend who may be interested?
phone: 301.541.3223 (Kori) or 301.337.7171 (Ishaq)
email: GoodTreeVillage [at] gmail [dot] com
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GoodTreeVillage

2 thoughts on “Have you seen our advertisement in the The Muslim Link?

  1. thank u for this link. i hope this galvanizes greater support and atleast a critical thought process in considering the depth of living beyond our default individualistic lives. there is so much to gain from building intentional community. inshAllah…

    • Thank you for your comment, asif ullah. InshaAllah / God Willing, at the least we can help our community learn more about cohousing and intentional communities. And, you’re absolutely right! There is so much for families & singles, elders & youth to gain AND share when we thoughtfully intertwine our lives and talents.

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