Faith and Home Finance: University Islamic Financial Corporation

university islamic financialWhen undertaking a venture that involves buying a home, a clear understanding of your options can open up what you may have thought were boundaries. Yesterday, I attended University Islamic Financial‘s presentation on Islamic financing yesterday at Dar Al-Hijrah. UIF Vice President, Aijaz Hussain, was able to thoroughly and clearly answer all my questions about financing a home while keeping Islamic principles in mind.

Some of the topics covered included:

  • Differences between Conventional and Islamic banking
  • Pricing: Is Islamic Financing really more expensive?
  • Sharia Financing – Models, Applications and Benefits
  • Sharia Board – Approval Process and Auditing


Mr. Hussain will conduct two more FREE sessions today at Dar Al Noor (Manassas, VA) at 12:30PM and MAS Community Center (Alexandria, VA) at 7PM.

Key take-away: there is a way to get Good Tree Village built!

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