Faith and Home Finance: University Islamic Financial Corporation

university islamic financialWhen undertaking a venture that involves buying a home, a clear understanding of your options can open up what you may have thought were boundaries. Yesterday, I attended University Islamic Financial‘s presentation on Islamic financing yesterday at Dar Al-Hijrah. UIF Vice President, Aijaz Hussain, was able to thoroughly and clearly answer all my questions about financing a home while keeping Islamic principles in mind.

Some of the topics covered included:

  • Differences between Conventional and Islamic banking
  • Pricing: Is Islamic Financing really more expensive?
  • Sharia Financing – Models, Applications and Benefits
  • Sharia Board – Approval Process and Auditing


Mr. Hussain will conduct two more FREE sessions today at Dar Al Noor (Manassas, VA) at 12:30PM and MAS Community Center (Alexandria, VA) at 7PM.

Key take-away: there is a way to get Good Tree Village built!

What Can Mid-Atlantic Cohousing Do For You in 2013?

midAtlanticCohousingDid you know that Good Tree Village is a member of Mid-Atlantic Cohousing (MAC)? MAC is a non-profit “organized for the expressed purpose of educating and informing the public at large and those folks actively engaged in cohousing about the benefits and challenges of forming, building and living in cohousing.” One of the ways we are planning for success (inshaAllah / God Willing) is by learning from and working with others who have already been where we’d like to be: spending the rest of our lives in a community that eats together, works together, and shares together.

At the end of the meeting we brainstormed about what exciting programs, events and activities we could we could provide for folks in the DC Metro area next year. A cohousing film festival? Workshops on getting the community built? Programs on consensus decision-making and governance? What would you like to see from MAC in 2013?