2012 National Cohousing Conference Coming to Oakland

The 2012 National Cohousing Conference will be on the west coast this year and it’s only fitting that it will be in Oakland, CA. According to East Bay Cohousing — a Bay Area cohousing umbrella group — there are more cohousing communities in Oakland than in any other US city.

From June 13-17, there will be oodles of illuminating workshops and presentations from Bring a Forming Group Together and Senior Cohousing to Diversity in Cohousing and Sociocracy. Don’t sleep on the pre-conference workshops and community tours: they are like homemade buttercream icing on an organic free-trade chocolate cake. And a cohousing conference wouldn’t be a cohousing conference if there weren’t plenty of opportunities to connect, learn, share and even volunteer.

Whether you are new to cohousing or a cohousing resident, a part of a community-oriented group or city planner, architect or developer, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge as cohousing leaders and thinkers help us Learn From the Cohousing Experience and Create Sustainable Neighborhoods.

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