Join the Think Green Khutbah Campaign! is asking Muslims to request that their imams, khateebs and leaders give a Think Green Khutbah on Friday, 20 April 2012, in commemoration of Earth Day (22 April) challenging their communities to live according to the 3 S Plan:

  • live a simple life
  • live a sustainable life
  • live as stewards of the environment

First: Email this link [ ] to your imam / khateeb / leader for all the resources they’ll need for their talk. Make it easy for them to talk green: Quran, hadith, books, online links, and sample environmental khutbahs.

Second: Go here for plenty of excellent reminders of how to revive the sunnah of living as stewards of the environment by living simply and sustainably.

Third: Get your masjid or organization to sign up to support the Think Green Khutbah Campaign and spread the word! We did!

And He gives you of all that you ask for. But if you count the favours of Allah, never will you be able to number them. (Quran, 14:34)

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