Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

We’ve gone through yet another stage of cohousing group development: During the last few months we’ve gone from looking for homes and land, to a chaotic and confusing self-implosion, to regrouping, refocusing and reorganizing.

The founding family of Good Tree Village has made the tough decision to move on a different path. Then two other families made similar decisions. One family has decided they — right now that really means “we” — are passionate enough about living in intentional community to take the helm and give it another go.

So, dear readers, excuse our quiet self-absorbed absence and please pardon our dust if you notice a few changes, restatements, and/or clarifications. We are still here waving the intentional community flag, sharing what we know and learn, inviting and encouraging others to join us in the journey and work toward creating a better community life where we live now because we really do need Faith and Community Every Day.

One thought on “Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

  1. While I know it has been difficult to lose your companion families in this adventure to create a community I congratulate you on your decision to move forward. Others will join you and you will have the community you desire. There are many potholes on the road to cohousing but they get filled in, smoothed over and the pathway to your new home is cleared.

    Sending you blessings and good wishes in this endeavor!

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