2012 National Cohousing Conference Coming to Oakland

The 2012 National Cohousing Conference will be on the west coast this year and it’s only fitting that it will be in Oakland, CA. According to East Bay Cohousing — a Bay Area cohousing umbrella group — there are more cohousing communities in Oakland than in any other US city.

From June 13-17, there will be oodles of illuminating workshops and presentations from Bring a Forming Group Together and Senior Cohousing to Diversity in Cohousing and Sociocracy. Don’t sleep on the pre-conference workshops and community tours: they are like homemade buttercream icing on an organic free-trade chocolate cake. And a cohousing conference wouldn’t be a cohousing conference if there weren’t plenty of opportunities to connect, learn, share and even volunteer.

Whether you are new to cohousing or a cohousing resident, a part of a community-oriented group or city planner, architect or developer, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge as cohousing leaders and thinkers help us Learn From the Cohousing Experience and Create Sustainable Neighborhoods.

Join the Think Green Khutbah Campaign!

Khaleafa.com is asking Muslims to request that their imams, khateebs and leaders give a Think Green Khutbah on Friday, 20 April 2012, in commemoration of Earth Day (22 April) challenging their communities to live according to the 3 S Plan:

  • live a simple life
  • live a sustainable life
  • live as stewards of the environment

First: Email this link [ http://khaleafa.com/greenkhutbah/ ] to your imam / khateeb / leader for all the resources they’ll need for their talk. Make it easy for them to talk green: Quran, hadith, books, online links, and sample environmental khutbahs.

Second: Go here for plenty of excellent reminders of how to revive the sunnah of living as stewards of the environment by living simply and sustainably.

Third: Get your masjid or organization to sign up to support the Think Green Khutbah Campaign and spread the word! We did!

And He gives you of all that you ask for. But if you count the favours of Allah, never will you be able to number them. (Quran, 14:34)

Right People, Right Bus!

Join a cheery band of folks just like you as they tour cohousing communities in DC. Maryland and Virginia on the Annual Mid-Atlantic Cohousing Bus Tour, Saturday, 19 May, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

How does this innovative community model really work? The tour gives you an opportunity to learn more about cohousing firsthand. You will visit a variety of cohousing types — rural, suburban and urban, small and very large, with differing types of governance, decision-making and workshare systems — but all with the common theme of people living in community and being good neighbors.

A day like this is the fastest way to learn about cohousing up close and personal. The cohousing communities you will visit are also some of the greenest communities in the country including the first LEED certified silver community of privately owned homes in the U.S.

A tour guide accompanies the group for the entire day, and at each community participants are greeted by a host who guides the group around the neighborhood. Q&A highly encouraged!

There are only 30 seats on the bus and this highly anticipated tour sells out fast. For details on the activities for the day and to register, go to the MAC website MidAtlanticCohousing.org. Don’t miss the early bird discount through April 30! Note: You must register on the MAC website to be registered for the bus!

New this year is the Apr├ęs Tour Get-Together! Please join us after the tour for some munchies, socializing, relaxing and reflecting. We plan to be there to answer any questions about Good Tree Village as well. Get on the bus!

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

We’ve gone through yet another stage of cohousing group development: During the last few months we’ve gone from looking for homes and land, to a chaotic and confusing self-implosion, to regrouping, refocusing and reorganizing.

The founding family of Good Tree Village has made the tough decision to move on a different path. Then two other families made similar decisions. One family has decided they — right now that really means “we” — are passionate enough about living in intentional community to take the helm and give it another go.

So, dear readers, excuse our quiet self-absorbed absence and please pardon our dust if you notice a few changes, restatements, and/or clarifications. We are still here waving the intentional community flag, sharing what we know and learn, inviting and encouraging others to join us in the journey and work toward creating a better community life where we live now because we really do need Faith and Community Every Day.