Looking for a Place to Call Community


We need your help.

Good Tree Village is a group families committed to advancing community life by creating a close-knit, diverse and vibrant cohousing community based in Islamic values, but open to all. We believe that a solid community life can best be created by consistent, meaningful interaction on a daily basis.

We’ve begun the process of looking for land or a group of nearby homes to be the terrestrial foundation for our burgeoning community spirit. We are searching in a wide swatch in Virginia from Arlington to Sterling.

Do you know of a couple of acres that can accommodate a clustered grouping of a dozen or so modest homes? Do you know of several homes for sale on a block or cul de sac that could be the beginnings of a pocket neighborhood?

If you know or hear of an opportunity that you think could be a good fit for us, please give us a ring at 202.656.4882, email community [at] goodtreevillage [dot] org or contact us at facebook.com/GoodTreeVillage.

Thank you!