True Life Community

MTV has its True Life series where its cameras follow happenings of a teen or young adult as they go through some challenge or experience. While we can’t always be sure how much editing plays into the drama of this show, it does give viewers a somewhat true picture of what it is like to walk in that young person’s evolving shoes.

Voice of America (VOA) provides a less dramatic and maybe more reliable look into the lives of a few members of Takoma Village, an established cohousing community in our own backyard of northwest Washington DC. Cohousing wannabes — in our passionate positive outlook — may forget that there are two sides to every coin. Living with others can be a challenge. We can be a challenge when living with others.

Ultimately we have to choose which challenge we’d rather spend our efforts on and which we’d rather live with: isolation or living in community. Which challenge would you rather have?