Kathryn to Chat with Kojo on Cohousing

Would you like to live in an intentional community where you know and trust your neighbors, share resources, and live more sustainable and green lifestyle? Learn more about Cohousing on Thursday, July 28, Noon – 2 p.m. ET. National Public Radio’s Kojo Nnamdi will interview Kathryn McCamant, co-author of Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities, “an in-depth exploration of a uniquely rewarding type of housing which is perfect for anyone who values their independence but longs for more connection with those around them.”

The Kojo Nnamdi Show streams live at: http://www.wamu.org. Call in ( 1.800.433.8850 ), email ( kojo@wamu.org ), use Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/kojoshow ) or Twitter ( http://twitter.com/kojoshow ). Join the conversation! 

Jack Wilbern of Blueberry Hill Cohousing in Vienna, VA, and Ann Zabaldo, representing Mid Atlantic Cohousing (and resident of Takoma Village Cohousing in DC), will be in the studio providing local commentary on cohousing in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Afterward, share your thoughts about the show.

2 thoughts on “Kathryn to Chat with Kojo on Cohousing

  1. What an inviting post! I hope everyone interested in cohousing and living in community will join the conversation this Thursday. Just a heads up … the show featuring cohousing is from Noon to 1:00 p.m.

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