Living Lightly on the Earth (and the Wallet) in Community

LILAC is building the UK’s first affordable, ecological cohousing project in Leeds. LILAC (Low Impact Living Affordable Community) is a model for the future of housing development where communities deliver their own housing projects. This project is tackling the challenges of social, ecological and economic sustainability in one swoop: they are combining the benefits of community living with zero carbon housing that is affordable. LILAC is creating a community in which its residents are a mutual help to each other and the world. Watch LILAC Cohousing’s documentary:

2 thoughts on “Living Lightly on the Earth (and the Wallet) in Community

  1. I love this! The part about where families pay the the same percentage of their income is ingenious. It also seems like they have a number of sponsors: at the end they had a short supported by page.

    • I agree, Ishaq. At the 2011 National Cohousing Conference, making cohousing — which is often more green by default — more affordable was one of the key concerns. It will be great to see LILAC succeed…and be replicated across the world!

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