Liz Walker Shares a Love Letter to EcoVillage at Ithaca

Many thanks to everyone for Saturday’s successful event, LiveGreenTogether: a book discussion and signing with EcoVillage co-founder and award-winning author, Liz Walker. After a short presentation about cohousing basics given by Good Tree Village, Walker gave an inspiring and informative address to an intimate but captivated audience on EcoVillage at Ithaca, its development, accomplishments, challenges and future goals.

Afterward Walker entertained plenty of thoughtful and discerning questions with additional well-informed input from Ann Zabaldo of Cohousing Collaborative and Mid-Atlantic Cohousing. Next, Good Tree Village presented Walker with a thank you gift of a bonsai tree. Finally a lucky guest won an autographed copy of Choosing a Sustainable Future. Guests also made their selections from VA Green Baggers’ free colorful hand-made shopping bags.

That same evening a Good Tree Village family took Walker and a few friends to dinner at Busboys and Poets in Shirlington, VA. After a casual, though lengthy, conversation with the manager of the fair trade craft and book store as they waited for a table, it seems there may be a deal struck soon that will possibly result in Busboys and Poets carrying Walker’s book at their locations!

We wish Liz continued success as she continues her book tour. If you missed her last weekend, you can catch her again as the opening speaker at the 2011 National Cohousing Conference coming to the DC Metro area this June.

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